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Everything I do I do from deep passion to help others. What I do is not a "job" but a vocation. Be it teaching or therapy or research, I do it all from my heart and in hope that I will do some good in for something or someone.

Sometimes we don't knowhere to start or whom to turn to. This is especially true if we are battling pre-marital issues, not sure about our relationship, coming out or transgender decisions. You may have tried to talk to many people, yet something is still missing. How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential? What if you could have anything you want for your life? Today you are one step closer to a new you.

As a Life Coach my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I provide support and guidance as a life coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want life coaching help achieving a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your life, I can help you get there faster. I will not "sugar coat" any issues and will not waste your time.

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a FREE email first CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love! Stay assured that I will try my best to help you because ALL my funds will go towards further research and education. This is my motivation as an academic and educator.

Dr. Andjelka Stones, PhD

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If you are fighting INFERTILITY issues whatever relationship status you are in and whatever gender you identify with, please look at the little booklet I published for research funding benefit:



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